Used by professional sports teams, law enforcement personnel, and military agencies.


Same quick sanitizing system with double the capacity.


Sanitizes gyms, locker rooms and other enclosed spaces.

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Bacteria Gone-CHECK –Gear Smells Great Now-DOUBLE CHECK !!

Bacteria Gone-CHECK –Gear Smells Great Now-DOUBLE CHECK !!

We will be Sanitizing & Disinfecting all your Hockey and […]

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15 March 2020
Sanitize & Disinfect TODAY !!!

Sanitize & Disinfect TODAY !!!

We will be Sanitizing & Disinfecting all your Hockey and […]

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26 April 2020

The Sani Sport Supreme and Sani Sport Double Cabinets are truly remarkable when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting sports equipment. With few options to properly sanitize, disinfect and de-stink hard to launder items such as Hockey Skates, Protective Gloves and Padding, Protective Helmets, Protective Vests, Boots, Cleats, Prosthetics, Stuffed Animals, Children’s Toys, etc., the Sani Sport Process is the preferred method of choice. If it fits in our cabinet, we can sanitize and disinfect it!

Our system is used by over 55 Professional Sports Teams, Law Enforcement, Military, Prison Systems, Fire Departments and Government Agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as Globally. Our customers often complain they cannot get the smell out of their sports gear or other items. These foul odors are almost always caused by the buildup of bacteria and other harmful germs. By disinfecting in the Sani Sport Cabinet we not only greatly reduce or completely eliminate the bacteria, but the odor that is caused by the bacteria is gone, eliminated, kaput! No longer will the smelly car rides to and from games exist. No longer will you have to keep your equipment in the garage, car trunk or shed-forbidden from your house or apartment. No longer will you hear your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, etc. say “your equipment stinks.”

With proper care and routine sanitizing and disinfecting of your gear, you will stay safe from harmful bacteria and smell fresh as well! The Sani Sport Process will never harm or damage your equipment or items. Unlike using a washing machine or other method that will cause wear and tear or even damage your equipment or items, the Sani Sport Process is a completely dry process and will never cause damage.

Contact us today to get rid of the stink in your sports gear or other items, and more importantly kill the germs deep inside the padding that could harm you! This is not a spray on product that simply masks the smell or may only kill the germs on the surface only to last for a short time. Our process is not a “band-aide” but a solution. The Sani Sport Process uses Ozone Gas to get deep inside the fibers of the padding, eliminating harmful germs, bacteria and odor deep within and on all surfaces! 3000 time faster acting and 150 times more powerful than chlorine bleach!

Services Provided

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Maintenance Services and Machinery Sales & Leasing for:

School Districts * Pre Schools * Day Care * Multi Sports Facilities * Hockey Rinks * Health Clubs * CrossFit * Karate Dojo’s * Hospitals * Walk In Clinics * Senior Living Facilities * Hotels * Motels * Apartment Complexes * Property Management * Commercial Office Space * Food Service * Restaurants * Commissaries & Cafeterias * First Responders * Police & Fire Departments

Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Deodorizing of Items & Equipment such as:

Sports Gear, Tactical Gear, Prosthetics, Footwear, Children’s Toys, Stuffed Animals, Bedding, Motorcycle Gear, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Pet bedding & toys, Horse Blankets and much more!


Own or manage a Hockey Rink or Sports Facility? Have Sani Sport come down and set up for your leagues, tournaments or other events. Earn additional revenue while helping to keep your customers and athletes safe in their gear! Contact us for more details.